[uClibc] buildroot compile Segfaults

Thomas Petazzoni thomas.petazzoni at enix.org
Fri Dec 3 21:54:50 UTC 2004


Ray Charles wrote:

> How do I ??replace?? the hosts toolchain with the
> toolchain that i downloaded from the uClibc CVS and
> compiled ?

genext2fs is a tool that allows to create a filesystem image, given a 
file system hierarchy. So this tool is executed on your host. So it has 
to be compiled with your host toolchain, which is provided by your 
distribution, not by buildroot.

Make sure you understand the difference between :
  - the host, which is the machine on which you're working, on which 
you're compiling, etc... Usually, you install a regular GNU/Linux 
distribution (or whatever BSD you want to use). In this distribution, 
you have the regular development toolchain : gcc, binutils, glibc, etc. 
These tools are compiled to *run* on your host, and to *generate* code 
for your host. This is what you need to compile tools like genext2fs, or 
any application that you want to run on your system.
  - the target, which is the machin on which you want to run the 
programs located in the filesystem built by buildroot. To compile the 
programs that go into this filesystem, you need a cross-compilation 
toolchain. It's a set of development tools (gcc, binutils, uclibc) that 
*run* on your host, but that *generate* code for your target.

Don't hesitate to ask if it's no clear. My poor english level is 
sometimes hard to understand.

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