[uClibc] uclibc++

Mike Frysinger vapier at gentoo.org
Mon Aug 30 11:10:19 UTC 2004

On Monday 30 August 2004 03:35 am, Rob Landley wrote:
> Let's see, stuff I can't build in my little distro because it needs c++
> support includes ncurses (which means I can't build less), and python
> (which I really miss).  My notes say groff also needs c++ support.

ncurses can disable c++ support via configure options (i think it's 
--without-cxx) and groff is needed most of the time if you want manpages to 
be built on the fly (in an embedded world, you shouldnt have manpages 
anyways :]) ... groff is written in c++ so you're probably gonna need a c++ 
compiler :P

> The builds of all of these are described in the linux from scratch
> documentation...

what does LFS have to do with anything ? :)
they dont really target embedded ...
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