[uClibc] uclibc toolchain build for i386 fails

anand_12 anand_12 at tenet.res.in
Fri Aug 27 10:14:18 UTC 2004

Hi all

 I am trying to build a uClibc toolchain for the i386 platform..I downloaded the toolchain.tar.gz as per the instructions provided on the uclibc.org FAQ section...
after uncompressing it..when i issue a make command inside the 'gcc-2.95' directory (i did "unset CC" also before this)..the build process halts with this error as shown below :


make[3]: Nothing to be done for `install-data-am'.
make[3]: Leaving directory `/....gcc-2.95/toolchain_build_i386/sed-4.0.8'
make[2]: Leaving directory `/....gcc-2.95/toolchain_build_i386/sed-4.0.8'
make[1]: Leaving directory `/....gcc-2.95/toolchain_build_i386/sed-4.0.8'
+ mv /....gcc-2.95/toolchain_i386/usr/bin/sed /....gcc-2.95/toolchain_i386/bin/
mv: cannot create regular file `....gcc-2.95/toolchain_i386/bin/sed': No such file or directory
+ rm -rf
/....gcc-2.95/toolchain_i386/share/locale /....gcc-2.95/toolchain_i386/usr/info /....gcc-2.95/toolchain_i386/usr/man /....gcc-2.95/toolchain_i386/usr/share/doc
wget --passive-ftp -P 
/....gcc-2.95/sources/dl http://www.uclibc.org/downloads/toolchain/kernel-headers-2.4.21.tar.bz2
--14:30:39--  http://www.uclibc.org/downloads/toolchain/kernel-headers-2.4.21.tar.bz2
           => `/....gcc-2.95/sources/dl/kernel-headers-2.4.21.tar.bz2'
Resolving www.uclibc.org... done.
Connecting to www.uclibc.org[]:80... connected.
HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 404 Not Found
14:30:39 ERROR 404: Not Found.

make: *** [/....gcc-2.95/sources/dl/kernel-headers-2.4.21.tar.bz2] Error 1


if it helps..i use a debian box(2.4.20 kernel)..

can anybody tell me what is going wrong ?..thanks in advance for any help in this regard..



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