[uClibc] N00b question about using a toolchain

Primero primero at fastwebnet.it
Wed Aug 25 13:53:17 UTC 2004

Hi all ml.
Sorry if my question has been asked in past, i've looked in archives and 
on google but my inexperience maybe leaded me to the wrong place .

I want to use a Uclibc minimal system to change my firewall from a 
gentoo system.
I've tried as first time with a Buildroot from uclibc cvs version and 
after 3-4 times now i have a fully working system ... :)

I would like to try starting only from a toolchain compiled by myself 
and the build my system by hand. I have compiled the toolchain and now i 
have it in the dir ".../toolchain_i386" but now i don't know how to go 
ahaed ... what have i to do now?
I can't chroot inside that directory since there is nothing more than 
binutils,uclibc and gcc .... what have i to do ?

thanks in advance

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