[uClibc] Integrating a custom toolchain with buildroot

Robin Singh robin_singh at gmx.net
Wed Aug 25 08:53:00 UTC 2004

Greetings once again!

On Wed, 2004-08-25 at 01:35 -0600, Manuel Novoa III wrote:

> Ok.  You'll need to modify binutils as well to make it uClibc-aware
> for your target.  I'm assuming you also have the necessary arch-specific
> bits for uClibc as well.

I have binutils ready too alongwith the arch specific bits

> Are we talking linux here?  uClinux?  other?  MMU/NOMMU/both?
> hard/soft float?  You'll need to provide a bit more info.

Hmm. The toolchain supports both MMU and NOMMU. It is also utilised for
building both linux and uclinux and it uses soft float.

> > I have the 2.95.3 source, the buildroot setup and little else.
> > Is there a repository of information (documentation etc) which can
> > assist me in my quest ?
> Well... in my head.  Does that count?  ;-)

Most definitely it doth! :)

I do not need STL or c++ either.

> It builds an actual toolchain.  We did away with the wrappers some time
> ago.

I realised that when I used buildroot for the arm as a test. But I saw
that there was an arm-gcc and an arm-uclibc-gcc that was generated and
so I assumed that it was still a wrapper. Neat though.

Anything else, in particular ?

> Give me some more detail and I'll see if we can brighten things up.
Thank you Manuel.


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