[uClibc] Integrating a custom toolchain with buildroot

Manuel Novoa III mjn3 at codepoet.org
Wed Aug 25 07:35:45 UTC 2004


On Wed, Aug 25, 2004 at 12:33:03PM +0530, Robin Singh wrote:
> Greetings.
> I've been entrusted the task of integrating gcc 2.95.3 (ported to a
> particular architecture) with the latest buildroot and need advice from
> you learned folks.

Ok.  You'll need to modify binutils as well to make it uClibc-aware
for your target.  I'm assuming you also have the necessary arch-specific
bits for uClibc as well.

> What is needed is the ability to generate a gcc 2.95.3 toolchain that
> will allow applications to link with uClibc (arch-uclibc-gcc).

Are we talking linux here?  uClinux?  other?  MMU/NOMMU/both?
hard/soft float?  You'll need to provide a bit more info.

> I have the 2.95.3 source, the buildroot setup and little else.
> Is there a repository of information (documentation etc) which can
> assist me in my quest ?

Well... in my head.  Does that count?  ;-)

> I see that buildroot has a collection of patches for gcc 2.95 called the
> gcc2.95-mega-patch. I find that mostly this provides some patches for
> arm specific code. What exactly is this patch for ?

It is Erik's adaptation of some version of a debian patch for 2.95.

>  Is it the only
> change needed to gcc source ?

No... that's a bug-fix patch.  You also need the patches to enable
building uClibc-targeted toolchains.  Also, we don't build the c++ lib
that comes with 2.95.  Instead, we use STLport.  There is also a patch
to make STLport uClibc-aware.

> I need to understand what buildroot demands from a compiler in order for
> it to generate a toolchain (wrapper ?) that will compile applications
> and always link them against uClibc.

It builds an actual toolchain.  We did away with the wrappers some time

> I'm in the dark and I would greatly appreciate any help.

Give me some more detail and I'll see if we can brighten things up.


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