[uClibc] Integrating a custom toolchain with buildroot

Robin Singh robin_singh at gmx.net
Wed Aug 25 07:03:03 UTC 2004


I've been entrusted the task of integrating gcc 2.95.3 (ported to a
particular architecture) with the latest buildroot and need advice from
you learned folks.

What is needed is the ability to generate a gcc 2.95.3 toolchain that
will allow applications to link with uClibc (arch-uclibc-gcc).

I have the 2.95.3 source, the buildroot setup and little else.
Is there a repository of information (documentation etc) which can
assist me in my quest ?

I see that buildroot has a collection of patches for gcc 2.95 called the
gcc2.95-mega-patch. I find that mostly this provides some patches for
arm specific code. What exactly is this patch for ? Is it the only
change needed to gcc source ?

I need to understand what buildroot demands from a compiler in order for
it to generate a toolchain (wrapper ?) that will compile applications
and always link them against uClibc.

I'm in the dark and I would greatly appreciate any help.

Cheers and thanks,

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