[uClibc] kdrive(TinyX)+uclibc

Rob Landley rob at landley.net
Tue Aug 24 07:36:42 UTC 2004

On Thursday 19 August 2004 18:10, Kevin P. Fleming wrote:
> Erik Andersen wrote:
> >>http://matt.ucc.asn.au/dropbear/testing/
> >
> > And there was much rejoicing!
> Having never used dropbear, and being very happy/comfortable with
> OpenSSH, I'm wondering if there's much of an advantage for me... the
> boxes I'm building for will have 256MB of CompactFlash storage and 128MB
> of RAM to run in, so I can't see that there'd be much point in trying to
> save a few megabytes of storage (and even less RAM) going with dropbear.
> Is there any other reason to use dropbear?

A simple, comprehensible implementation that's actually targeted at LInux 
instead of ported from OpenBSD as an afterthought?

OpenSSH had a bug for many years, where if you forked a child process and left 
it running in the background, and then your parent process exited, the ssh 
session wouldn't exit until all the children exited.  It just hung, open, and 
you couldn't even ctrl-C or ctrl-D out of it unless you used the "kill" 
command from another terminal.

This wasn't the way xterms work, virtual terminals work, telnet works...  It 
was quite clearly a bug.  But it was never fixed, despite repeated protests, 
because the behavior didn't happen on OpenBSD, therefore they insisted it was 
a Linux bug.  There was a patch, but they refused to integrate it, because it 
wasn't their problem.  (Last I checked, the problem was still there, although 
I admit it's been a year or two.  I learned "not to do that then" in regular 
use, although when it did hit in an application that wanted to wrap a command 
invocation in ssh and left a background process running on the remote machine 
but didn't want to wait for it, it was always a great pain to work around.  
And that's once you'd figured out what the problem was.)

You wanted another reason.  Using OpenSSH on anything but OpenBSD is like 
using cdrtools on anything but Solaris, or djbdns/qmail on anything but Dan 
Berstein's head.  In my experience, anyway...

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