[uClibc] uclibc++

Garrett Kajmowicz gkajmowi at tbaytel.net
Tue Aug 24 02:31:36 UTC 2004

The newest version of uClibc++ has been released.

Major changes include:
-	Configuration/installation system ripped of from uclibc library (thanks!)
-	Nearly all container classes finished
-	About 1/2 of the algorithms are finished
-	Have tested the system under a uwoody system.


It is to the point where more of the library is complete than not.  I am 
looking for suggestions for applications which I can validate the library 
against.  Ideal qualifications are:
-	Must use C++
-	Should be command line
-	Good quality code
-	Likely to be used in an embedded environment
-	Comes with a built-in test-suite
-	Compiles fairly quickly.

Please let me know of any suggestions you have.

-	Garrett Kajmowicz

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