[uClibc] Mini libstdc++

Rob Landley rob at landley.net
Sat Aug 21 09:23:25 UTC 2004

On Friday 20 August 2004 12:05, Garrett Kajmowicz wrote:
> > If you want to make a few bucks, you could just try putting up a tip jar
> > on your website.  (Paypal link, whatever.)  Also, advertise consulting
> > services so people can pay you to customize/extend/support the thing for
> > specific projects.
> >
> > Dual licensing might work, I suppose.  Dunno.  But you're going to
> > prevent your thing from becoming a category killer in its niche.  The
> > fact that QT is GPL is the reason GTK (which is LGPL) still exists, and
> > if GTK ever gets its act together, it will gradually displace QT even if
> > it's less fun to program with.  Luckily for Trolltech, the GTK guys
> > are...  I'll stop right there.
> I will do as you have suggested and change the license - I'm also goign to
> make up a web page shortly.  The library is currently in beta (alpha?)
> state. I would be happy to send you a copy to play around with.  It has
> support for most of the features of the std C++ library.  I'm not quite yet
> to put it up on public display - as of yet it needs a build system for easy
> configuration designed.  I should also write a wrapper script for the
> compiler to make compilation easier (approx. 3 flags need to be passed to
> the compiler to work right).

Hmmm...  When I build gcc, I mangle the build process so it produces binaries 
linked against uclibc instead of glibc (and the corresponding ld.so loader 
thingy...)  Presumably, it should be possible to whack the compiler the same 
way so this is its default...

I'll see if I can take a look.

> Let me know if you are interested - this could be interesting.

I'm interested, but unfortunately I'm swamped just now.

A couple years back I co-founded a combination linux expo and science fiction 
event called Penguicon;

http://penguicon.sf.net (year one)
http://www.penguicon.org (years two and three)

And now that that's got enough momentum to survive on its own, I'm launching a 
version in my home town called Linucon:


As a result, I'm probably not going to get a full night's sleep until October 

Then again, I might have an evening free in the next week or so.  I haven't 
gotten the c++ compiler to work with my busybox+2.6 
kernel+uclibc+gcc&binutils development environment yet.  (Big patch in 

See http://www.landley.net/code/firmware

Right now stuff like python and less requires c++ support to build, and the 
standard c library requires an extensive (100k) patch to work with uclibc.  
Your stuff sounds really interesting, if i can just get the time to play with 


(Who is massively sleep deprived right now, probably bordering on 

> -	Garrett Kajmowicz

www.linucon.org: Linux Expo and Science Fiction Convention
October 8-10, 2004 in Austin Texas.  (I'm the con chair.)

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