[uClibc] libgloss and related

Sterling Augustine sterling at tensilica.com
Fri Aug 20 18:42:41 UTC 2004


First, great project. It is exactly what I'm looking for.

Second, even though the libc/sysdeps/README file says I must be smoking 
crack, I have managed to get uclibc compiling and working for simple 
programs on a non-linux (and in fact, a non-unix) system: libgloss. 
Libgloss is the newlib (another embedded C library) system call layer. 
Of course, much functionality won't be supported in this environment, 
but the basic C library should be just fine.

I have tried to make the changes as uninvasive as possible. In 
particular, the only changes to shared files are in extra/Configs/... 
and various Makefiles. Of course I added our port related files and a 
libgloss directory and files under sysdeps.

I realize that this may be a direction that the project is uninterested 
in, and I respect that. But is the project interested in patches related 
to libgloss? If so, what would the submission guidelines be? It will be 
a while before I have the code in a state worth contributing, but I'd 
like a little guidance before I proceed further.

Again, great project.

Sterling Augustine
Member of Technical Staff
Tensilica, Inc.

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