[uClibc] buildroot/python question

Shannon Holland holland at loser.net
Thu Aug 19 02:03:27 UTC 2004


I've been using buildroot to setup a small arm-linux system. Everything 
has been working really well! Before I ask my stupid questions, I have 
to say I've been truly amazed how well buildroot has worked. Almost 
never in my linux experience have I been able to download something, 
quickly edit a config file, type make and have it all compile, let 
alone actually work the first time!

What I've been working on today is getting python up and running, where 
I have hit some difficulties. Google brought me to 
http://uclibc.org/lists/uclibc/2004-July/009512.html from which I 
downloaded the patches and got everything to build for the arm target. 
Python does actually work for simple things, but where it's failing is 
in some of the lib-dynload modules (mmap is the first one I hit). It's 
failing as it can't find the __fxstat64 symbol when loading mmap.so.

Searching around would imply that __fxstat64 is a glibc internal 
function, hence no symbol in uClibc.

So, my question would be: what do I need to change to ensure python is 
fully linked against uClibc versus glibc? For as many years as I've 
used make, I still suck at Makefiles, so any help would be greatly 



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