[uClibc] uClibc targeted Toolchain for MIPS.

Sadiq Shaikh sadiq.shaikh at analog.com
Tue Aug 17 19:32:56 UTC 2004



I took toolchain from above mentioned link. I could build
cross tool for MIPS on i686 host machine.I have following querie

1) gcc-3.3.x uses kernel headers 2.4.25, linux kernel i'm using is 2.4.18
   will this cause any problem when i use toolchain to build my kernel and
application ?
2) My platform is MIPS (lexra lx4189) if i want to tell compiler about
platform specific
 options( -mcpu=lx4189 and -msoft-mult-div ) how do i tell it ? fresh
toolchain i
build gives me error " invalid option" when i tried to use it.
3) I have built toolchain by specifying to take uclibc snapshot. Will this
have all
 fixes w/respect to dynamic loader, shared library and pthread.utimately i
want to
use uclibc with shared library support and pthread support.

Regards & Thanks for help,

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