[uClibc] uClibc cvsweb BROKEN! Can anyone fix it?

Natanael Copa mlists at tanael.org
Mon Aug 16 07:12:36 UTC 2004

On Fri, 13 Aug 2004 21:19:55 +0300
Oleg Girko <ol at infoserver.ru> wrote:

> Actually, I've write some kind of build system slightly similar to
> FreeBSD ports collection. There are some Makefiles which download,
> extract and build packages. But building all these packages depends
> on toolchain, which is also downloaded and built using Makefile. If
> anyone is interested in this build system, I can make it accessible
> on the Web. Currently I use it to build software for a small
> firewall/router appliance: http://www.stratum.lv/

Yes, I'm interested in this. What are the differences from FreeBSD
ports? does your build system handle dependencies? uCrux
http://www.crux.nu/ has also a FreeBSD like build system to build
packages but they don handle dependencies at all.

I was thinking of making a clone of FreeBSD ports myself, but instead
of reinventing the wheel, I'm looking at gentoo with uclibc instead.

Natanael Copa

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