[uClibc] building buildroot on new rh9 install ... build failures

Stewart Allen stewart at neuron.com
Tue Aug 10 23:16:30 UTC 2004

I am trying to build a minimal system to fit on a 256MB flash card to
boot an epia mobo for network video playback.  I first tried to build X
(x.org) using the pre-packaged i386 buildroot, but it gave errors with
the ceilf and floorf functions (declaration throws different
exception).  Actually, I had to build microperl first to satisfy a perl
requirement for the X build (since full Perl no longer builds under
buildroot).  So I backed up a bit and decided to build the buildroot
from scratch.

Two packages appear to have URLs that are out of date.  First, file-4.08
is no longer on the referenced ftp site.  4.09 exists so I modified
file.mk to reference it.  Second, the referenced ltrace version was also
missing so I checked the referenced URL and upped it to 0.3.35.  Now
pcmcia is failing to build with an error of *** no rule to make target

Any idea what's causing that?  This is my first attempt to build the


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