[uClibc] Getting SEGSEGV error with shared library.

Manuel Novoa III mjn3 at codepoet.org
Tue Aug 10 18:02:09 UTC 2004

On Mon, Aug 09, 2004 at 06:21:53PM -0700, Sadiq Shaikh wrote:
> Application using uClibc-0.9.26 shared library giving SIGSEGV fault.
> 1) When executed application with newly downloaded uClibc-0.9.26, we get
> segmentation fault.
> 2) Is it uClibc-0.9.26 build problem ?
> 3) How to make application with shared library(uClibc-0.9.26) work ?
> 4) Is anything missed in uClibc build procedure and installation ?
> problem Summary:---
> We have a mips-board on which we have a working 2.4.18 kernel running
> along with Network 

The uClibc ldso code has been under rewrite during the last couple of
releases.  It was partially working in the .26 release.  It is working
much better now in cvs.

> Applications. In this build the uClibc version is 0.9.8 and all libraires
> are statically 

Ugh... 0.9.8?  I'm shocked that it was running on mips at all.


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