[uClibc] ldso wont load LIB_ELF_LIBC0 libraries from ld.so.cache

Mike Frysinger vapier at gentoo.org
Mon Aug 9 19:26:24 UTC 2004

i was sticking some libraries in non-standard (i.e. not-hardcoded) paths and 
then updating ld.so.conf accordingly ... oddly though, i couldnt get binaries 
that linked against those libraries to run ... `ldconfig -v` showed the 
required libraries being detected/cached, so something seemed wrong ...

turns out the libraries were being tagged as LIB_ELF_LIBC0 in the cache and 
the loader currently only accepts LIB_ELF_LIBC{5,6} ... since readsoname.c in 
ldconfig defines needed_tab with the mapping 'libc.so.0' -> LIB_ELF_LIBC0 it 
seems like the loader should accept this type too

find attached a small patch which adds LIB_ELF_LIBC0 along side 
LIB_ELF_LIBC{5,6} as an accepted lib type in the loader when dealing with the 
ld.so.cache file
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