[uClibc] Linker error

Rudolf Ladyzhenskii Rudolf.ladyzhenskii at opennw.com
Mon Aug 9 06:29:30 UTC 2004

Hi, all

I am trying to compile an application that contains atoi() call. I am getting a linker error:

: undefined reference to `__strtol_internal'

It seems that /usr/include/stdlib.h was used instead of uClibc header. This expans atoi() to eventually call __strtol_internal(), while uClibc does not. 

I though that gcc compiler built by using 'buildroot' should look for uClibc includes by default, not system includes. So, what do I do? Do I simply append gcc flags with path to uClibc includes or there is another way? Where does buildroot places uClibc headers by default? Is default include path built into the compiler?

I have built latest 'buildroot' and I am tring to append another package to it. I am cross-compiling the code.
CC variable is not set and right compiler gets called. 
I have looked through FAQ, but did not find info on headers there.

Thanks a lot,
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