[uClibc] Linux 2.2 kernel doesn't work

3aoo-cvfd at dea.spamcon.org 3aoo-cvfd at dea.spamcon.org
Fri Aug 6 04:12:42 UTC 2004

Thanks to Ken and Erik for the input.

> >  Probably because the binaries are compiled against 2.4 kernel headers
> > (whether directly or indirectly) and use functionality that isn't
> > available in 2.2 kernels.
> Yup, exactly so.  If people want binaries for 2.2.x, they will
> need to compile stuff up themselves,

That's what I did with pico.  I installed the 2.2.16 kernel headers
on your prebuilt development system and compiled from the pico source 
(using a 2.4 kernel).  I ended up with a pico binary that worked fine 
with a 2.4 kernel and failed with a 2.2 kernel (it came up empty when 
given a file to edit).

I assume from your comments that my pico compile must have used 2.4 
includes (somehow).  Perhaps I should have deleted the 2.4 headers 
before installing the 2.2 ones?

This sort of problem is new to me.  In the past I have always compiled 
using the same kernel/libraries as the target kernel/libraries.  I 
would certainly prefer to boot the development system with the target 
2.2 kernel, but it doesn't work.  

I would be grateful for any advice on how to get the uClibc developement 
system to produce binaries that work with a 2.2 kernel.


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