[uClibc] customizing buildroot

Andrew May acmay at acmay.homeip.net
Wed Aug 4 07:25:27 UTC 2004

On Tue, 2004-08-03 at 23:32, Rudolf Ladyzhenskii wrote:
> Hi, all
> I want to customize buildroot. For example, I want to enable some modules
> that are disabled by default, like ppp.
> I can edit Makefile (and I am doing that), but not sure if this is corerct
> way of doing things. Mainly, because of compatibility with future versions
> of buildroot.

Since it is easy to change the makefile that is what I do as well.
I usually leave the top list of defaults commented out, then copy the
ones I want to the end. That can make the merges a bit easier.

> Another thing is customization of individual packages, such as busybox.
> At the moment I manually run make config on busybox in BUILDDIR, then
> compile it separately and copy files into disk image. Is there a better way?

Well you can copy your .config onto buildroot/sources/busybox.config.

It may be nice to postpend "$(CUSTOM_CONFIG)"
to all the lines like BUSYBOX_CONFIG:=$(SOURCE_DIR)/busybox.config
So it would be easy to keep a separate config file.

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