[uClibc] buildroot wget change

Andrew May acmay at acmay.homeip.net
Tue Aug 3 17:59:25 UTC 2004

I have been using buildroot for a while and like it but sometimes it is
hard to reproduce builds when you start to use snapshots of things.

I also really don't want to build many archs built under the same
buildroot toplevel. So I have usually dealt with this by setting DL_DIR
to a common dir instead of under sources/dl.

Then I just came up with this script to provide a way to do the get of
the source in a couple of ways. Either a CVS repository so you can keep
the snapshots under revision control or another local dir. If both fail
it reverts to using wget.

In the top makefile use this as the WGET setting and copy the wget-local
file to the toplevel as well.
WGET:=WGET_OPTS="--passive-ftp" SRC_BASE=$(shell pwd)/../dl
CVS_BASE=ext-sources $(shell pwd)/wget-local
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