[uClibc] building uClibc -- few questions

Manuel Novoa III mjn3 at codepoet.org
Mon Aug 2 05:50:18 UTC 2004

On Mon, Aug 02, 2004 at 11:51:16AM +1000, Rudolf Ladyzhenskii wrote:
> I have tried to build the latest uClibc with its own toolchain. uClibc uses linux kernel 2.4.25 header files. I really want to use 2.6.x kernel.
> So, I can not really make toolchain as is anyway and have to do it manually. Beside, it is a good learning exercise. I am aware that this particular combination is not tested and may not be working, but I am happy to accept the risk.

You can edit the make/kernel-headers.mk file to use 2.6 headers.  Note
that I haven't tried doing so in a while.  Erik may have though.

> I have built gcc 3.4.1 and I have managed to build uClibc with it, using kernel headers from 2.6.7 kernel. 
> When I try to install the uClibc, libraries do install correctly, but how do I link agains them? I am using Karim's book "Building Embedded Linux Systems" as my bible and it suggests that uClibc installs its own gcc wrapper i386-uclibc-gcc (I am building for x86 system). In my case, it is not installed.  Can someone tell me how to link properly?

The information in Karim's book is outdated.  We dropped support for the
old gcc wrapper several releases ago.  That's why I told you before, and
again, and NOW FOR THE THIRD TIME, that you must build a uClibc targeted


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