[uClibc] dlsym finds symbols in libraries other than the one specified

Joakim Tjernlund joakim.tjernlund at lumentis.se
Sun Aug 1 13:18:26 UTC 2004

> Hello,
> I provided a testcase to illustrate my previous post. It is an extension of
> test2 of the uClibc dlopen test cases. 
> The test passes on a glibc system. On uclibc it fails since dlsym finds
> function3, which is in libtest1.so, from a handle to libtest2.so.
> Can somebody comment on the desirability/possiblity to fix this? 

Yes, dlsym and friends are broken and should be fixed. It is non trivial
to correct this though, but it will be fixed at some point.


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