[uClibc] mipsel-linux-uclibc-objcopy -O binary error

ZHUANGYUYAO ihollo at tom.com
Sun Aug 1 20:01:49 UTC 2004

Thanks Mike for your reply.

the -EL

is unsupported by my mipsel-linux-uclibc toolchain, which I build by
buildroot scripts. but I think mipsel is already means it's for little
endian mips platform, so -EL option should be a default option and need
not to be called. so I ignored the warning message "unrecognized option

Am I right or what should I do to get my '-EL' option back?

for the objcopy issue, here is a link:
which looks helpful but the solution is a little out date.

I am still looking for a solution.

Mike Frysinger wrote:

>On Friday 30 July 2004 06:33 am, ZHUANGYUYAO wrote:
>>-EL -Wcomment -g  -DFLASH_4M -I. -I./include  -mips32    -c
>>src/bootinit.S -o build/el/bootinit.o
>>mipsel-linux-uclibc-gcc: unrecognized option `-EL'
>that seems to be the error
>>./build/el/bootinit.bin: File truncated
>>make: *** [boot_img] Error 1
>>After searching the internet, some article said it may caused by 'ld'
>>ignored some sections. if I turn off the -Ttext 0x9fc00000, compiling
>>finished with success but can not run on the target board.
>probably a red herring ... gcc failed to produce enough output because -EL 
>pissed it off :)
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