[uClibc] Buildroot issues

tom at ceisystems.com tom at ceisystems.com
Fri Oct 31 22:18:05 UTC 2003

Hello all,
	The source of my issues is most likely to do with the gcc-3.3.mk
file.  If you look back through CVS, you will notice that the gcc-*
files have changed a bit.  (quite a bit)  There used to be a file named
gcc_target.mk, which took care of building the compiler for the target
system.  This is, of course, assuming you _wanted_ to make a compiler
for the target.  I do not.  Enter my issue.
	If I tell buildroot that I _specifically_ do not want to build a
compiler, it will attempt to anyway.  Good times.  Of course, instead of
trying to build a compiler, it should just whip out a wrapper.  Another
issue is that when it attempts to assemble the compiler, it looks for
the binutils in the build directory.  Again, it should NOT be there, as
I am NOT supposed to be building a compiler, etc.
	So, those are some things I have noted in the past few days.
Hope this helps track things down.

Thomas Cameron
CEI Systems

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