[uClibc] 68332 target and xip

David McCullough davidm at snapgear.com
Thu Oct 30 23:22:50 UTC 2003

Jivin Gerold Boehler lays it down ...
> Hi all
> Finally i could figure out that XIP is the problem.
> After changing
> # DISABLE_XIP := 1
> to
> all programms work fine.
> So that's my next question:
> Does anyone have a clue why XIP doesn't work on
> the 68332? Are there any know issues?
> I know this is an old target but maybe someone knows...

My memory may be a bit fuzzy,  but I recall having problems building XIP
code for the 68332 when building the tools,  so it was disabled in the
uclinux-elf-tools build scripts.

Most likely some slight differences in the CPU/compiler combo are
messing it up.  I would cc'd the uclinux-dev list as there are
a few 68332 developers lurking there that may know more,


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