[uClibc] Betr: Re: uclibc perl - use miniperl

jbelshaw at tiscali.nl jbelshaw at tiscali.nl
Thu Oct 30 12:25:29 UTC 2003

I like to use perl to build small embedded applications, for example cgi
scripts. Using perl they can be small and tight and maintainable.  I like
but you can build a real application using perl, not just a set of scripts.

My idea for an embedded system is to boot over the network in a few seconds
so I have several MB to play with and so 800k is not a problem if it is
a key part of the application.

My current development test boot image based on uclibc and busybox  has thttpd,
a full ssl, https, ssh some fs tools and perl all in less than 8MB, without
even trying to save space, and so now I can continue to develop the user
application with perl.


>"John Belshaw" <jbelshaw at tiscali.nl> writes:
> The solution for most people, if you just want to write simple perl scripts,
> is to use miniperl which is circa 800K in size using the shared uclibc
> libraries and can be built within the uclibc devel
>pment environment using
> the latest perl source, and

Of course, 800K is still pretty big; if possible it's better to just
rewrite in awk (mawk is about 80K using shared libraries, and 115K
_statically_ linked; presumably BB awk is even smaller) 
>r sed (not
sure, it's part of BB, but I think on order of 30-40K).

Remember, the scripts being discussed earlier were _not_ giant programs
for which perl might be justified, just little things.

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