[uClibc] uclibc with 68332 target problem

Gerold Boehler gboehler at cable.vol.at
Thu Oct 30 11:03:51 UTC 2003

Hi all

I'm using a small board with a 68332 running
uclinux (latest dist, latest toolchain, linux-2.0.x).
Now i can execute binaries compiled against
uclibc and they run fine, as long i don't use
any function out of uclibc.

e.g. the following runs fine:
int main(void) { write(1, "Hello World!\n", 10); return 0; }

whereas the following 
int main(void) { puts("Hello World"); return 0; }

gives me a lot of "traps.c(65): BUS ERROR TRAP"

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance,

Gerold Boehler

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