[uClibc] uclibc perl - use miniperl

John Belshaw jbelshaw at tiscali.nl
Wed Oct 29 16:44:18 UTC 2003

I saw some earlier posts about the use of perl in the development buildroot
but I didn't see any definite conclusion.

I also had the same problem which is that the perl in the development images
is circa 25MB in size which pretty much rules it out for embedded

The solution for most people, if you just want to write simple perl scripts,
is to use miniperl which is circa 800K in size using the shared uclibc
libraries and can be built within the uclibc development environment using
the latest perl source, and
make miniperl.

I had to disable the perl IO abstraction layer in the Configure to get it to
compile for me.

Hope this is helpfull !  I am really impressed with uclibc so far !

John Belshaw

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