[uClibc] Link error on SH4

Michael D. Miller michael.miller at prga.com
Sun Oct 26 05:26:15 UTC 2003

I'm trying to link a simple hello world app using the latest 10/25 snapshot.
I get a link error about an undefined reference to '__udivsi3_i4' in
fwrite_unlocked.  The target is a SH4 processor.  I get the same behavior
with the 9/17 release.  I configured uclibc with the ADD_LIBGCC_FUNCTIONS.
This looks similar to the problem Paul van Gool reported, but I didn't find
any resolution to the issue.

I'm using gcc version 3.3.1 from the crosstool 0.24 chain.  I am able to
compile and run BusyBox with uclibc statically linked.  I tried removing
thread support from the uclibc configuration but the results were the same.
Explicitly adding -lgcc to force linking the library had no effect.

Any ideas what I'm doing wrong?

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