[uClibc] Segmentation fault

Tommy Tovbin tovbin at niisi.msk.ru
Fri Oct 24 14:30:46 UTC 2003

Ok, I think the thread may be closed... I've looked for my mistake... 
The mips-uclibc-strip was generated by the gcc-uClibc's Makefile:

for app in addr2line ar as cpp gasp nm objcopy \
            objdump ranlib size strings strip; do \
          APPNAME=`which $(CROSS)$${app}`; \
          if [ -x "$$APPNAME" ] ; then \
          ln -fs "$$APPNAME" $(PREFIX)$(DEVEL_TOOL_PREFIX)/bin/$${app}; \
          ln -fs "$$APPNAME" 
$(PREFIX)$(SYSTEM_DEVEL_PREFIX)/bin/$(TARGET_ARCH)-uclibc-$${app}; \
          fi; \

and at this point strip was obviously maked up same as that my build 
system uses ( i386 ). I fixed my problem.
Thanks for all, and sorry for anxiety.

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