[uClibc] Segmentation fault

Tommy Tovbin tovbin at niisi.msk.ru
Thu Oct 23 14:15:56 UTC 2003


I've built uClibc-0.9.21 for mips-linux ( I mean I want to generate code 
on 386 for mips)... 

First of all the i386-uclibc-strip programm don't run correctly:
# i386-uclibc-strip t 
i386-uclibc-strip: Warning: Output file cannot represent architecture 

Next, then I compiled test rpogramm ( aka Hello, world) on the i386 
# i386-uclibc-gcc -o t test.c

..and tried to run t on the mips, I had the simple error : Segmentation 

# nm t 

00400144 A _DYNAMIC
1000001c d __CTOR_END__
10000018 d __CTOR_LIST__
10000024 d __DTOR_END__
10000020 d __DTOR_LIST__
10000014 d __EH_FRAME_BEGIN__
10000014 d __FRAME_END__
10000010 D __RLD_MAP
10000068 A __bss_start
         w __deregister_frame_info
00400860 t __do_global_ctors_aux
004005f0 t __do_global_dtors_aux
10000000 D __dso_handle
         w __gmon_start__
         w __register_frame_info
004007a0 T __start
         U __uClibc_start_main
10000068 A _edata
10000090 A _end
10000068 A _fbss
10000000 D _fdata
00400910 T _fini
00400570 T _ftext
10008020 A _gp
004004d8 T _init
00400570 t call_gmon_start
10000008 d completed.1
004006e0 t fini_dummy
1000000c d force_to_data
10000010 d force_to_data
0040070c t frame_dummy
00400570 t gcc2_compiled.
004005f0 t gcc2_compiled.
00400860 t gcc2_compiled.
00400910 t gcc2_compiled.
00400800 t gcc2_compiled.
00400768 t init_dummy
004008d8 t init_dummy
00400800 T main
10000070 b object.2
10000004 d p.0
         U printf

Why some symbols is undef? ( exampl: printf? )
And what is going wrong? 

host: Linux 2.4.20-18.7 (RedHat 7.3) 

target: Linux 2.4.18 mips (RedHat 7.3)

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