[uClibc] Buildroot failing

tom at ceisystems.com tom at ceisystems.com
Tue Oct 21 16:15:53 UTC 2003

Hello again,
	I figured I'd try to repost, in case my previous message was
missed.  I am attempting to use the buildroot system to make a custom
chroot build environment.  I am on an x86 system, compiling for an x86,
so I don't believe it's an architecture issue.  :-P  Here's what I'm


bzcat /opt/development/flashpoint/buildroot/sources/dl/gcc-3.3.2.tar.bz2
| tar -C /opt/development/flashpoint/buildroot/toolchain_build_i386 -xvf
-.2.tar.bz2] Itar:
/opt/development/flashpoint/buildroot/toolchain_build_i386: Cannot
chdir: No such file or directory
tar: Error is not recoverable: exiting now
make: ***
npacked] Error 2


I have told buildroot _not_ to build a toolchain at all, and yet it
seems that it is still trying to make one.  When I do attempt to build
the gcc3.3 toolchain, it fails when attempting to build for the target
system, telling me that the directory libiberty does not exist.  It
would seem as though it does not like compiling in a directory other
than the source directory.  Any idean?  My Makefile is right out of CVS.
The only thing I have changed is to disable the toolchain and tinylogin.

Thanks in advance,
Thomas Cameron
CEI Systems

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