[uClibc] How to use uClibc for MCF5272C3 board.

David McCullough davidm at snapgear.com
Mon Oct 20 10:54:17 UTC 2003

Jivin kamal kumar lays it down ...
> Hello, my name is Kamal and i want to compile "Hello World" C program for the
> Motorola Coldfire 5272.
> I use the m68k-elf-tools, but when i type in the command-prompt :
> 	m68k-elf-gcc hello.c

m68k-elf-gcc -m5307 -Wl,-elf2flt -o hello hello.c -lc

> 	/usr/local/m68k-elf/bin/ld.real: cannot open crt0.o: Unknown file or map
> 	collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
> So i thought that i needed a libray to compile this correctly. The uClibc 
> library i found was in the cvs repository of the uClinux.org site.
> in the install notes was written that i should first configure a file. I did
> that, but when i typed MAKE i got an error message:
> 	Using kernel headers from 2.4.22-uc0 for architecture 'm68k'
>         provided in directory /root/uClinux-2.4.x/

Get yourself a copy of the uClinux-dist:


It contains uClibc and pre-canned configurations for the 5272 that is
ready to go.  If you want uClibc,  just select that as your libc
when you run "make config".



for FAQ's and help on using the dist,


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