[uClibc] Confused about libthread_db filename versioning

Robin Gilks robin.gilks at tait.co.nz
Sun Oct 19 22:55:03 UTC 2003


I'm confused by my (cross) compilation of gdbserver from gdb-5.3 from 
i386 to powerpc using uclibc-0.9.20. I'm using a buildroot snapshot of 
about 2 months ago.

uclibc has created lib entries for libthread_db of 
libthread_db-0.9.20.so with libthread_db.so.1 linked to it.

gdbserver when executed on the target tries to load libthread_db.so.0

So my questions all rotate around this anomoly:
* why is this library .1 when all others are .0
* why does gdbserver get compiled into thinking that it should link to 
.0 when it doesn't exist
* should I fix it by duplicating the link to the base library, renaming 
the linked copy or changing (somehow) how gdbserver gets compiled

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