[uClibc] can't boot into the buildroot fs using UML

Dr Dominique Jacquel dom at dcoded.co.uk
Wed Oct 15 18:09:17 UTC 2003


please simply ignore if considered off-topic!

I have been trying to boot into the buildroot fs using UML without 
success. My UML kernel starts up ok but I never get a login prompt from 
the uClibc environment. The boot stops after "starting sshd: ok". The 
slackware Image downloaded from the UML website work fine though, so I 
think UML works ok. I have been reading the UML docs and going through 
the buildroot fs (checking the inittab mainly) but I am currently at a 
loss. Am I missing something obvious? Anybody cares to point me towards 
an appropriate howto/doc/maillist thread?

I am running RH 9
UML 2.4.20-6um
I use the command: linux ubd0=./root_fs_i386 con=xterm

I would appreciate some hints form people successfully using the 
buildroot with UML.


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