[uClibc] ldso 0.9.21, libstdc++ crashes on PowerPC GCC 3.3.1

Joakim Tjernlund joakim.tjernlund at lumentis.se
Wed Oct 15 08:24:28 UTC 2003

> > > If you do test the patch, I would like to know how it went.
> Wow. The patch actually worked. (Not that I doubted you for a second, Joakim 
> :-P )
> Sorry about the delay, but I had to get Wolfgang to help me get the current 
> linuxppc_2_4_devel kernel going on my board. Plus I had alot of high-priority 
> drinking to get though over the weekend. The patch applies fine, and appears 
> to fix the segmentation faults.
> On a system built with an old Hardhat 2.95.3 compiler, binaries that 
> previously segfaulted in the dynamic linker no longer do so.
> On a system built with the uclibc gcc 3.3.1 toolchain cross-compiler, a 
> dynamically linked busybox now runs (previously it did not start at all) 
> although it's not working 100% yet and tinylogin doesn't work properly 
> either. However it seems that the segfaults are gone. 
> Thanks!!!!!

:), glad to hear it is working for you. I just discovered a minor bug in the patch.
The icbi instruction is missing in the instruction check and I THINK it has the
the same problem as the dcbX instructions. To be sure you can just add an extra:
	cmpwi	cr0,r20,1964 /* Is icbi? */
	beq+	142f
in the instruction check code.

It is also possible to enable the use of dcbX instructions in the kernel for 8xx.
Look in lib/string.S and kernel/misc.S

Also, I am working to improve the patch, make it more efficient.
I can let you know when I have something ready.


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