[uClibc] ldso 0.9.21, libstdc++ crashes on PowerPC GCC 3.3.1

Carl G Lewis clewis at westel.com.au
Wed Oct 15 07:40:59 UTC 2003

> > If you do test the patch, I would like to know how it went.

Wow. The patch actually worked. (Not that I doubted you for a second, Joakim 
:-P )

Sorry about the delay, but I had to get Wolfgang to help me get the current 
linuxppc_2_4_devel kernel going on my board. Plus I had alot of high-priority 
drinking to get though over the weekend. The patch applies fine, and appears 
to fix the segmentation faults.

On a system built with an old Hardhat 2.95.3 compiler, binaries that 
previously segfaulted in the dynamic linker no longer do so.

On a system built with the uclibc gcc 3.3.1 toolchain cross-compiler, a 
dynamically linked busybox now runs (previously it did not start at all) 
although it's not working 100% yet and tinylogin doesn't work properly 
either. However it seems that the segfaults are gone. 


The problem I am seeing with tinylogin is at the login prompt. getty is 
started with this line in inittab:
::respawn:/sbin/getty -L 9600 ttyS1

the login prompt is printed, but any characters entered are not echoed to the 
screen and it does not seem to be possible to login. Pressing return works- 
it just prints another prompt on the next line.

If I dispense with TL and just run an ash shell like so:

I get this:
Freeing unused kernel memory: 52k init
init started:  BusyBox v0.60.5 (2003.10.14-00:48+0000) multi-call binaryPWD: 
 variable name

Please press Enter to activate this console.
PWD: bad variable name

Please press Enter to activate this console.
PWD: bad variable name

Each time enter is pressed, the same thing is printed again.

The error message is from setvar(), which is called from setpwd().
This problem does not occur when I link BB statically.

These problems are possibly my own fault, and in any case at least I can 
continue development with the older compiler.

Thanks again!


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