[uClibc] [run] Floating point exception

孙庆君 qingjun.sun at great-road.com
Sun Oct 12 10:05:04 UTC 2003


using uClibc failed with follow message:
 -O0 -g  -fPIC -c test_shared.c -o test_shared.o
 gcc -O0 -g  -fPIC -c test_static.c -o test_static.o
 ar -crv libtest_static.a test_static.o
 a - test_static.o
 gcc -O0 -g  -fPIC -shared -o libtest_shared.so -Wl,-soname,libtest_shared.so test_shared.o -L. -ltest_static
 gcc -O0 -g  -o test test.c -ldl
 ----------running test--------------
 LD_LIBRARY_PATH=`pwd`:. ./test
 dlsym success 
 dlsym success 
 make: *** [run] Floating point exception
but using glibc do the same thing, all ok, why?

the best regards,

    Qingjun sun


 Makefile   ----
 test_static.c     ---- a c file in static lib
 test_shared.c     ---- a c file in shared lib
 test.c            ---- first call test_shared1 which in libtest_shared.so (test_shared1 will call test_s1 which in libtest_static.a)
                          and then main call test_shared2 which in libtest_shared.so (test_shared2 will call test_s2 which in libtest_static.a)

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