[uClibc] Compressing a bzImage

K.-P. Kirchdörfer kapeka at epost.de
Thu Oct 9 18:00:18 UTC 2003

Am Donnerstag, 9. Oktober 2003 19:20 schrieb Charles Holbrook:
> I have my kernel compiled and ready to go.  However I can't seem to find
> a version of upx that will compress it.  The version listed on
> leaf.sourceforge.net is 1.11, which is no longer available from upx's
> site.  Will any newer version work?  Or should I get the latest unstable
> and use that?


to quote guitarlynn from leaf-devel list
"Although I came up with a copy of upx-1.11 from the uClibc build-tool I have
also tried the beta version of upx available at their SF site. Upx-1.90 (beta)
also works compressing a LEAF kernel and gets slightly better compression.
The only issue is that you *must* use the "force" option (-f) for it to work
unlike the upx-1.11 version."


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