[uClibc] AWK poetry 2nd part: how to hack binutils/gcc...

Christian MICHON christian_michon at yahoo.fr
Wed Oct 8 08:44:39 UTC 2003

Demonstration of what I just sent. Found 5 minutes after all ;)

How to:
 1) uncompress the attached tar.gz file
 2) cp testorg.txt test.txt
 3) ./inplace.awk test.txt
This steps edit in place test.txt and replace a certain string ;)

 4) diff testorg.txt test.txt. Sorry for the pun, Erik ;)

Note that we could use ARGV[2] and ARGV[3] as arguments for gsub.
If someone can confirm busybox awk works with what I sent, let the
list know. I tried it on Sparc Solaris only :(

I checked the sources of busybox awk. ARGV is there...


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