[uClibc] Re: Why use perl instead of sed to hack binutils, gcc

Christian MICHON christian_michon at yahoo.fr
Wed Oct 8 07:59:43 UTC 2003

> I use perl since perl allows me to edit files in place.
> Sed edits copies, which must them be moved into place on
> top of the original file, which is a bit more dangerous,

No need for busybox sed modifications...

We could use busybox awk **if** it is supporting ARGC, ARGV.
We could imagine the process reading the file in RAM, then
performing the changes, and writing in place.

The use of ARGC/ARGV could help passing general replacement
(in a few locations).

We already removed perl from uclibc compilation. I vouch for
removing perl from buildroot too !

I need to put my hands on busybox and look for ARGC/ARGV...
:( no time....


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