[uClibc] RE: Why use perl instead of sed to hack binutils, gcc

Rob Landley rob at landley.net
Wed Oct 8 05:12:22 UTC 2003

On Sunday 05 October 2003 18:30, Daniel wrote:
> > (I'm wondering how one would go about adding it to busybox sed.
> > Presumably, it's making a copy and renaming it anyway.  Otherwise any sed
> > command that makes a line larger would have to move everything after that
> > before it could proceed, which is a pain.  Maybe it loads the whole thing
> > into ram and writes it back out?)
> it uses a temp file (sed-4.05/.sed/execute.c:538). Seems to progressively
> add to the temp file (fairly but not 100% sure)

Uh-huh.  So it's copy and rename behind the covers.  gzip/gunzip and bunzip2 
already have code to do this in busybox...

> Daniel


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