[uClibc] leading underscores

John Williams jwilliams at itee.uq.edu.au
Mon Oct 6 03:20:40 UTC 2003


I'm using uClibc 0.9.19 as distributed with uClinux-dist, my target 
architecture is microblaze, which by default does not place leading 
underscores on symbols.

I'm getting a link failure, due to the presence/absence (depends how you 
look at it) of a leading underscore.  Here's what I've uncovered so far, 
looking at objdumps of uClibc/lib/libc.a:

The symbol "_glibc_strerror_r" (note 1 leading underscore) is present, 
provided by  _glibc_strerror_r.o

However, libc/inet/rpc/clnt_perror.o is generating a call to 
__glibc_strerror_r (note 2 leading underscores).

So, when I do a final link against the library, the __glibc... symbol is 

I've looked at the source but I'm not uclibc/library expert - I can't 
even work out where clnt_perror.c is getting this __glibc_strerror_r from.

Any clues for the clueless?



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