[uClibc] ldso 0.9.21, libstdc++ crashes on PowerPC GCC 3.3.1

Simon Rowe srowe at cambridgebroadband.com
Fri Oct 3 15:07:09 UTC 2003

On Friday 03 Oct 2003 3:58 pm, Joakim Tjernlund wrote:

> dcbst(and dcbz, dcbi, dcbf, dcbt) are buggy on mpc8xx. They don't update
> the DAR register on a Data TLB Miss/Error. By deferencing the data just
> before the dcbst, you make the DTLB Miss/Error happen before the
> dcbst is executed. That works around the problem but is not a stable
> solution. You need a somewhat ugly patch to the linux kernel or don't use
> these instructions at all.

Ah! Someone Who Knows What They Are Doing(TM)! Do you have any more 
information on this kernel patch? How does glibc work around this issue?

Simon Rowe
Cambridge Broadband Ltd

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