[uClibc] ldso 0.9.21, libstdc++ crashes on PowerPC GCC 3.3.1

Carl G Lewis clewis at westel.com.au
Fri Oct 3 02:53:27 UTC 2003

> we will possibly deploy uClibC on an embedded device
> based on the PowerPC 8250;
> However, dynamic linking against libstdc++
> does not work (and neither does on the embedded board
> with all the libs in /lib).

I just want to add my voice to the chorus. IMHO the PowerPC dynamic loader has 
serious problems, which I have been experiencing on an MPC860 system.  Using 
MV Hardhat compiler (2.95.3) and uClibc 0.9.20, I got segfaults in the loader 
on various binaries, though not on all. (on a dcbst instruction for some 

Using the toolchain script (gcc 3.3.1) and the uClibc snapshot (3-Oct-03), I 
can't get a dynamically linked busybox to work at all (init fails to run), 
but a statically linked version works fine. Similarly with tinylogin, 
although it does work to some extent dynamically linked (but not well 

I've tried various versions of the toolchain script and uClibc over the past 
12 months but none of them have produced a dynamically linked busybox that 
worked on my board. Only the old MV compiler could do this - wierd. I was 
happy to make do with this compiler but as mentioned above some of the 
binaries it makes don't work either.

I just don't have the knowledge to fix these problems, but if someone does I 
can possibly get some money out of my company for them.


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