[uClibc] crt1S.S or Scrt1.[cS] file for uClibc

Peter S. Mazinger ps.m at gmx.net
Thu Oct 2 14:48:15 UTC 2003


Could someone provide a crt1S.S file for uClibc, to allow creation of 
dynamically relocatable binaries (ET_DYN binaries, binaries built 
like shared libraries) (based on PaX http://pageexec.virtualave.net/ 
's et_dyn.tar.gz file, which includes these for glibc-2.2.5 and 
glibc-2.3.2), or Scrt1.[cS] used by binutils- 's -pie option to 
do almost the same (provided already in glibc-2.3.2) (the second variant 
should be considered the "future", but rarely used/tested until now).
The two projects Adamantix and Hardened Gentoo use the first solution.


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