[uClibc] ldso 0.9.21, libstdc++ crashes on PowerPC GCC 3.3.1

Joakim Tjernlund joakim.tjernlund at lumentis.se
Sat Oct 4 01:21:12 UTC 2003

> > dcbst(and dcbz, dcbi, dcbf, dcbt) are buggy on mpc8xx. They don't update
> > the DAR register on a Data TLB Miss/Error. By deferencing the data just before
> > the dcbst, you make the DTLB Miss/Error happen before the
> > dcbst is executed. That works around the problem but is not a stable
> > solution. You need a somewhat ugly patch to the linux kernel or don't use
> > these instructions at all.

> Ah! Someone Who Knows What They Are Doing(TM)! Do you have any more 
> information on this kernel patch? How does glibc work around this issue?

They don't use these instructions for 8xx.


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