[uClibc]getpt.c, paths.h and autoconf.g

John Williams jwilliams at itee.uq.edu.au
Mon Mar 31 05:21:30 UTC 2003

Erik Andersen wrote:
> On Mon Mar 31, 2003 at 02:06:06PM +1000, John Williams wrote:
> uClibc's paths.h does not include anything at all...
>     $ grep -c include uClibc/include/paths.h 
>     0
> The uClibc library is compiled using its own set of header files,
> but I think you must be trying to compile uClibc using the system
> header files...

This is wierd - if I do the same I get '1'.  Here's the top of my 
uClibc/include/paths.h (after a big copyright header)...

#ifndef _PATHS_H_
#define _PATHS_H_

#include <config/autoconf.h>

/* Default search path. */
#define _PATH_DEFPATH   "/usr/bin:/bin"
/* All standard utilities path. */
#define _PATH_STDPATH \

#define _PATH_BSHELL    "/bin/sh"
#define _PATH_CONSOLE   "/dev/console"
#define _PATH_CSHELL    "/bin/csh"
#define _PATH_DEVDB     "/var/run/dev.db"

and so on.

This has come straight from the uClinux 20020927 tarball.

Seems like I should at least get a fresh, CVS copy of uClibc.


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