[uClibc]Microblaze uClibc

John Williams jwilliams at itee.uq.edu.au
Mon Mar 31 03:03:49 UTC 2003

I wrote:

> In uClibc/extra/gcc-uClibc, make fails building microblaze-uclibc-gcc:
> gcc-uClibc: gcc-uClibc.h gcc-uClibc.c
>         gcc -Wall -O2 -Wl,-s gcc-uClibc.c -o $(TARGET_ARCH)-uclibc-gcc
> gcc-uClibc.h file is created and looks OK, but there is no (non-default) 
> include path set.  If I add -I$(TOPDIR)/include, then it will compile, 
> but I get the following link errors from the host gcc
> /tmp/ccby8sT0.o(.text+0x33):gcc-uClibc.c: undefined reference to `_stderr'
> /tmp/ccby8sT0.o(.text+0x531):gcc-uClibc.c: undefined reference to 
> `___xpg_basename'
> /tmp/ccby8sT0.o(.text+0x1673):gcc-uClibc.c: undefined reference to 
> `_stdout'
> collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
> It's very odd - my host gcc toolchain works fine, and will happily 
> compile and link, e.g., the linux menuconfig stuff.  A "hello world" 
> application doing fprintf(stderr,"dsdfsdf") compiles, links and runs 
> just fine.
> Is there anything tricky happening in the uClibc/include/libgen.h (and 
> features.h) that could be breaking my host gcc?

I think I've got this figured out - it's looking for the _host_ 
libgen.h, which for some reason is not provided under Cygwin.  I googled 
and found a simple workaround that goes into gcc-uClibc.c, this has me 
up and running again.  Erik this might be a useful little patch to 
uClibc to get things going on Cygwin cross-platform setups.  I'll let 
you know when I clean it up properly.

I think the reason I got bizarro errors when I tried to include 
/uClibc/include/libgen.h is that it's for the _target_, not host, gcc.


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